Tiger's Eye Table Top

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Tiger's Eye Table Top

Tiger's Eye Slab - Soothing Stone for Home and Office Décor – Feng Sui Stone with Therapeutic Powers | Healing Chakra Stone

Tiger's Eye Stone Applications: Blue Tiger eye stone is a dream addition to the décor in your house, because blue color has a soothing effect and the soft shimmer observed lights up any living space. Blue Tiger Eye Slab can be a part of living space or can be used for creating colorful tabletops and counter tops, flooring, wall cladding, the area behind your entertainment unit and much more.
Tiger's Eye Gemstone Metaphysics: Tiger's Eye Gemstone is also known as “Hawk’s Eye” because it is believed that it makes you see things clearly- resolving misunderstandings, clearing confusion. It is also a soothing stone which aids in reducing stress and easing anxiety.
Tiger's Eye Care Instructions: Wipe clean daily. Use a soft and damp cloth for cleaning and avoid using abrasive chemicals that degrade the natural shine.
The Tiger’s Eye stone belongs to Chalcedony Quartz and comes in a chatoyant form. Featuring a smooth shine, the semi-precious stone has chatoyant layers on the surface. The powerful rock has a soothing effect and the soft shimmer lights up any living space. Tiger's Eye helps in dealing with internal conflicts and aids with emotional or mental issues by working on the Third Eye and Throat chakras. Presence of this soothing stone in your home or office space would enliven the air, promoting positive energies.
Tiger's Eye Slab & Home Décor
Bringing home the healing benefits and emphasizing the décor, this natural stone slab serves in many ways when it is about decorating a modern home. You can use the semi-precious slab for adding a soothing touch to your flooring or you can use the layered rock for constructing a beautiful staircase. No one wants the living space to have a dull and lethargic vibe and to eliminate that you can always add the effervescence of natural tiger eye stone. As a decorative slab wall behind your entertainment unit, this precious rock would not only beautify your living space comprehensively but would also drive away the persistent bad vibes. The quartz slabs in living spaces look elegant when back lit.

Tiger's Eye Rock Metaphysical & Healing Properties
Since times immemorial, tiger eye crystals have been an illustrious talisman that bestows exceptional observational skills. This soothing stone promotes clarity and aids you in dealing with misunderstandings. The supernatural stone also aids in exploring the “within”, it is said to be the stone of insight and intuition and it is believed to help in creating visual blueprints. Tiger's eye crystal is believed to enhance the ability to focus on objects and is referred to as “Hawk’s Eye”. Simplifying the process of decision-making, the Feng-Sui stone would work wonders when added to an office space.

Introducing the Tiger's Eye Table Top. This beautiful piece of furniture will bring majestic flair to any room space. The Tiger's Eye table top features a stunning blend of gray and brown flecks that come together in a mesmerizing swirl. The rich texture and vibrant colors of this tabletop are sure to captivate any audience with its striking beauty and make it the perfect centerpiece for your living or dining room.

The Tiger's Eye design adds an exotic, luxurious vibe with its unique design. Handcrafted from beveled rosewood and bordered by tiger’s eye stones for a subtle shimmer, the surface radiates natural beauty and texture. This piece is suitable for any room in your home where a touch of sophistication is required.

 Product Features:

  • Durable and strong scratch-resistant surface 
  • Ideal for outdoor use as well as an indoor tabletop centerpiece  
  • Easy to maintain, simply wipe clean
  • Intricately designed pattern with subtle shimmer effect 
  • Perfect accent piece for any room 
  • Suitable for both contemporary and traditional décor styles

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