Sodalite Table Top

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Sodalite Table Top

Sodalite Slabs – Healing Stone with Mystical Features | Natural Stone Slab for Interior or Exterior Decor | Natural Crystal

Sodalite Slab Applications: Sodalite stone slab has a rich royal blue color. Ornamental gemstone slabs can be used for tiling and flooring. Use the stone slab for creating vibrant countertops and tabletops.

Sodalite Stone Metaphysics: Sodalite is used to bring clarity to concentration, thought, and focus. The stone can also bring about clarity in understanding difficult concepts. Sodalite gemstone is known to promote wisdom, productivity, and logic.
Care Tips: The décor slab is supposed to be wiped clean with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products for the maintenance of natural luster.

Spreading peaceful vibes at home or the workplace, Sodalite crystal is a stone of truth that helps to eliminate obstacles in communication. Composed of sodium aluminum silicate, the feng-shui stone cleanses the air of electromagnetic pollution, becoming an essential item in a workspace. Bringing coherence and determination into one’s life, the powerful stone promotes trust and partnership. The precious gemstone stimulates the pineal gland and proves to be helpful during meditative sessions.

Sodalite Stone Slab for Home Décor
This radiant sodalite slab can be employed in various ways for decoration purposes at home or office space. The semi-precious gemstone slab can be used for flooring or for the tiling of your restroom, bringing a vibrant touch to the minimally decorated modern environs. You can use the large natural stone slab for decking up your staircase and for revamping your landscape comprehensively. The energy stone can also be employed for constructing countertops or tabletops.

Sodalite Rock Metaphysical and Healing Properties
Not only does this mythical stone bring radiance abode but also helps enliven the atmosphere with its presence. Renowned as the stone of logic, the semi-precious gemstone is known for eliminating the communication gap, promoting honesty and love. The therapeutic stone is helpful to those dealing with issues related to glands, the digestive system, or calcium deficiency. This mystical stone enhances one’s intelligence quotient and cognitive functions. Sodalite gemstone brings water energy, which is associated with career and life. The flowing energy assures a balance of energy as life unfolds and flows.

Materials: Semi Precious Stone, Agate Stone

Beautify your tabletop with Sodalite, a stunning and eye-catching stone addition to any home decor. Crafted from sodalite stone, this tabletop features natural, earthy tones with hints of blue and grey that add depth, texture, and sophistication. The strong, sturdy surface is perfect for displaying decorative items like vases or other beautiful souvenirs.

This polished Sodalite table top is made from natural and hand-selected stones for the highest quality available. The bold colors, make it perfect for creating a unique and distinctive look in any room. The porous surface is easy to maintain and requires minimal cleanup, making it a great choice for anyone who wants an easy, low-maintenance top for their coffee tables or dining tables.

Product Features: 

  • Made from natural and hand-selected stones for high quality.
  • Bold colors create a unique look in any room.
  • Porous surface is easy to maintain and requires minimal cleanup. 
  • Adds a stunning addition to any home decor. 
  • Lightweight yet durable material that won’t crack or chip easily, even if knocked over or dropped accidentally. 
  • Can be used as a decorative art piece, or sculpture, or serve as the base of an interesting craft project.

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