Jasper Table Top

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Jasper Table Top

Jasper, opaque, fine-grained or dense variety of the silica mineral chert that exhibits various colours. Chiefly brick red to brownish red, it owes its colour to admixed hematite; but when it occurs with clay admixed, the colour is a yellowish white or gray, or with goethite a brown or yellow. Jasper, long used for jewelry and ornamentation, has a dull lustre but takes a fine polish; its hardness and other physical properties are those of quartz .

Medicinal values were long attributed to jasper, including a belief that wearing it strengthened the stomach.

For thousands of years, black jasper (and also black slate) was used to test gold-silver alloys for their gold content. Rubbing the alloys on the stone, called a touchstone, produces a streak the colour of which determines the gold content within one part in one hundred.

The Jasper Table Top is perfect for any modern home. This sleek and stylish table top features solid wood construction with a natural finish that brings out the grain of its high-quality wood, making it an ideal addition to your kitchen, living room or bedroom.

The Jasper Table Top is perfect for transforming any room into a functional and stylish workspace. This compact, lightweight and versatile design helps you make the best of a small space or brings a modern touch to any home. The table top features a smooth laminate surface that is easy to clean and resistant to scratches, spills, heat and UV rays. 

This sturdy yet lightweight table top can be used with almost any type of legs, allowing you to customise your desk just the way you like it!

 Product Features:

  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Smooth laminate surface is scratch-resistant & easy to clean
  • Heat & UV ray resistance 
  • Modern design creates an attractive addition to your home.
  • Durable solid wood construction with a natural finish highlights the beauty of its pickled ash veneer grains.
  • Generous surface space makes it ideal for meal prep, homework or even dinner parties. 
  • Easy to assemble; all tools and hardware included. 
  • Compatible with most standard chairs and seats.

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