Malachite Table Top

Rs. 12,000.00

Malachite Table Top

It is beautiful for Home & garden decorative handmade Inlay Art adds Royal Ambiance to your Home. You can use this as a Dining/Coffee Table, Side Table, End Table, Corner Table & Hotel, villa, home use, hall Flooring / Walling, corridors, vestibules of apartments or villas in the external & interior decorations

The Malachite Table Top is a stunning addition to any interior design. Crafted from natural malachite stone, this tabletop features bold swirls of green colors, giving it an eye-catching look that brings a hint of natural beauty to your living space. Perfect for use as either a coffee table or side table, the Malachite Table Top is perfect for making any tabletop look stylish and timeless. 

This beautiful tabletop features a stunning malachite surface, which will add invaluable character to any setting. Its neutral tone further allows for easy integration into any existing style. Moreover, its sturdy construction ensures excellent durability and long-lasting use.

 Product Features:

  • Handcrafted from real malachite material. 
  • Neutral tone complements a wide range of décor styles. 
  • Ultra-durable construction ensures lasting quality and performance. 
  • Eye-catching display of swirling green and yellow colors.
  • Smooth texture and is easy to clean with gentle soap and water.
  • Can be used as a coffee table or side table.
  • Easy to install – simply placed on top of compatible furniture pieces.
  • Beautiful design adds both color and style to any room décor.


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