Lapis Lazuli Table Top

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Lapis Lazuli Table Top

Stunning custom lapis lazuli table top. Made of the highest quality lapis lazuli with a deep color and gold-colored flecks. Can be made to any size, shape, or specifications.
Hand cut in a brick pattern, hand inlaid over white marble/MDF. Richly nuanced details. Spectacular under a light source, such as a dining room chandelier.
Looks stunning on a lady's vanity, to showcase her perfume collection or fancy soaps. 

This Lapis lazuli table top is perfect for a statement piece in any home. Featuring a stunning and unique semi-precious stone, this artisanal-crafted art object will surely bring beauty to your space. With its intricate veining pattern and deep hues of blue, it will create a stunning entryway or become the centerpiece of any room. This table top is handcrafted with natural lapis lazuli and features gold trim along its edge.

 Product Features: 

  • Handcrafted from Lapis Lazuli
  • Features beautiful blue hues with golden veins
  • Comes with gold trim around the edges
  • Adds an elegant touch to any living space 
  • Perfect for entryway tables or as a centerpiece 
  • Durable and lasting construction

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