Gemstone Round Tiles

Rs. 7,000.00

Gemstone Round Tiles

The usage of gemstone tiles indeed has an elegant and sophisticated appearance due to their natural beauty, but it is also ageless. It doesn't go outdated or out of style, which is a plus because you don't have to redecorate your home after a few years to stay up to date.

Natural gemstone floor tiles are frequently utilized to make a sense of space; by seamlessly incorporating stone floor tiles across an interior and external area of your home, they can 'open up an area due to their light, airy effect.

There are many more natural stone flooring materials to pick from, such as marble tiles, limestone and granite tiles, and travertine tiles, so you can choose something to suit your desired style and fit the inside of your home.

Gemstone tiles, on the other hand, can provide a traditional, opulent impression, and slate tiles provide a more rustic effect.

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