Quartz Table Top

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Quartz Table Top

Quartz Slabs – Decor Slab for Countertops and Fireplaces – Genuine Chakra Stone | Quartz Stone Surface with Feng Sui Benefits

Quartz Slab Applications: works as a flooring material for pavements and staircases in luxurious living spaces. For gleaming tabletop surfaces and counter tops, quartz slabs can be the best option. Also, backslashes and walls adorned with semiprecious stone surfaces are a must for deluxe room settings
Natural Stone Metaphysics: mainly associated with positive vibes in the living spaces. Decor slab helps people to discard negativity and irradiate positive energy
Home Decor Slab Care Tips: stains on the surface can be easily removed with gentle scrubbing. Scouring pads or harsh liquids can dullen the surface and loosen the bonds present between resins and quartz

Quartz is an omnipotent decor entity in the doorknobs and table adornments in fanciful home interiors. This quartz also makes for great candle holders. An excellent, lux option as a backlit quartz back-splash, quartz is a decor stone type that can brighten up any room setting and give off an ethereal vibe.

Quartz Slab and Home Decor
The special fluorescent features of the decor patio slab give out a glow when illuminated in the dark, leaving an illumination – which is truly radiant and captivating to the eyes. This Feng-Sui quartz slab is a favorite among decor connoisseurs, basically because of the clear crystal look it embodies, which can blend with any decorating regime.

Quartz Slab Metaphysical and Healing Properties
A master healer, quartz slabs can amplify both thought and energy. The Feng-Sui stone is known to store, absorb, regulate, and release energy. Laying crystal quartz slabs on countertops in the living space can help ward off negative vibes, neutralizing unhealthy radiations in the background. This decor slab can also enhance mental abilities, especially by working to improve memory power and concentration. Moreover, quartz can harmonize all the chakras.

The Quartz Table Top is the perfect addition to your dining or kitchen space. Crafted from luxurious quartz stone, this stunning table top combines durability and beauty with a sophisticated elegance that makes any space stand out. This top is easy to maintain and will retain its stunning sheen for years to come. 

Not only is quartz durable, but it also offers protection against heat and liquids making it an ideal material for busy households. This sleek table top is made from high-grade quartz, giving it a bright finish with subtle veining that is easy to clean and maintain.

Its nonporous surface prevents bacteria growth and makes it ideal for dining rooms and living spaces alike. The Quartz top table is an eye-catching centerpiece for any room, bringing an elegant modern look to any decor.

 Product Features:

  • High-grade quartz material provides durability and stability.
  • A sleek finish with subtle veining adds elegance to any space.
  • Easy to clean and maintain; requires no sealing or waxing. 
  • Tabletops are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to match your space. 
  • Compatible with multiple table bases; ideal for dining rooms and living spaces.
  • Resists heat and water
  • Easy to maintain/clean
  • The chemical resistant finish helps prevent scratches and marks

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