Blue Apatite Table Top

Rs. 8,500.00

Blue Apatite Table Top

Our stunning precious stone table tops are hand-hewn from the finest gem rough, used traditionally only in jewelry. Because these fine gems don't naturally lend themselves to standard table top dimensions, we have developed a special technique that lets us piece them together into a durable mosaic like no other.

The Blue Apatite table top brings a touch of unique luxury to any interior. This stunning gemstone top is cut from real blue apatite, a variety of phosphate minerals characterized by its deep shade of aquamarine and distinct chatoyancy. The striking iridescent tones are the perfect way to add a bit of flair to any established decor or give your room the finishing touch it's been missing.

Crafted from natural blue apatite, this polished beauty showcases the captivating color and movement of the stone. It features rich hues and natural flecks that add depth and dimension to your dining room or kitchen. With its durability and timeless look, you’ll love displaying the Blue Apatite Table Top for years to come. This blue apatite is a stunning gemstone slab table top, perfect for adding a distinctive touch to any furniture.

 Product Features:

  • Natural blue apatite table top adds unique and decisive beauty to any décor.
  • Rich crystals feature luscious blues, inviting greens, and golden milky flecks throughout the tabletop.
  • Virtually seamless polished finish complements virtually every style of décor – classic, modern, or rustic. 
  • Adds character to any existing furnishing or piece of art in your living area or office space. 
  • Durable construction stands the test of wear without breaking or cracking easily. 
  • Easy cleaning surface; just use soap, and water and dry with a soft cloth after use. 
  • Perfect size for customizing an existing table or as a stand-alone centerpiece in larger spaces such as an office suite lobby.

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