Petrified Wood Table Top

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Petrified Wood Table Top

Petrified Wood Slab – Healing Wood for Home and Office Decor – Petrified Wood Gemstone for Cleansing Aura | Therapeutic Stones

Petrified Wood Applications: Petrified Wood can be used for accentuating interior or exterior decor. You can use the slab for flooring or tiling purposes. You can create unique countertops or tabletops using the slab.
Petrified Wood Stone Metaphysics: Natural stone comes with healing energies to keep you healthy both physically and mentally. Keeps your spirit connected to nature and promotes harmony
Care Tips: wipe the slab clean by using a slightly damp cloth. Regular cleaning is required. Do not make use of harsh chemicals to maintain the natural shine

Referred to as fossilized wood or Agatized wood, petrified wood comes to formation as a result of its replacement by a stone during decomposition. The wooden element stays but the fibers convert themselves into stones. This natural gemstone is considered effective in maintaining a healthy immune system and overall well-being. From healing bones to treating moderate symptoms of paralysis, the petrified wood healing stone provided comfort and control. Stabilizing the root chakra, the wooden gemstone provides both physical and spiritual benefits.

Petrified Wood Crystal for Home Decor
For revamping the surroundings of a contemporary home or office, Agatized wood can be an amazing option. From beautifying the decor to providing you with sturdy and elegant countertops or tabletops, the wooden crystal becomes the ultimate decorative solution. You can also employ the wooden slab for flooring or tiling. Like other natural stone slabs, you can back-lit this petrified wood rock for making it a focal point.

Wooden Stone Metaphysical and Therapeutic Properties
Bringing the natural gemstone home would not only enhance your contemporary decor but would also bestow your surroundings with healing vibes. The petrified crystal helps balance emotions and brings fears to rest by promoting practicality. The beige-colored stone brings about a feeling of calm and security abode and can be trusted upon as a talisman by those owning a business.

Petrified wood table tops are crafted from the highest quality petrified wood, a stone-like material created through the process of fossilization. Perfect for adding an organic, one-of-a-kind element to your space, these table tops boast beautiful striations and unique patterns that make them unique works of art.

Whether you’re creating the perfect centerpiece or upgrading an outdoor patio, petrified wood adds a timeless look that will last generations.

Beauty and durability come together to create the perfect table top with our petrified wood table tops! Handcrafted from select chunks of uniquely interesting petrified wood specimens, each individually-created tabletop is a work of art that is sure to be an eye-catching centerpiece for any room. 

From end tables to coffee tables and more, these artsy table tops feature beautiful tones of brown and gray, regularly sized round or irregular oval shapes, and stunning grain patterns in every piece.

 Product Features:

  • Sturdy petrified wood construction offers strength and lasting beauty.
  • Natural stone texture provides added grip while wiping clean with ease.
  • Lightweight pieces make them easily movable around the home or office. 
  • Sealed with a premium finish to protect against spills, heat, stains & UV rays for hassle-free maintenance. 
  • Compatible with most common table bases & stands.
  • Unique patterns and striations add character to any decor. 
  • Variety of sizes to accommodate any space. 
  • Available in polished or natural finish options.
  • Resistant to most common indoor/outdoor agents such as water damage, fading, and staining.

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