Agate Table Top

Rs. 6,500.00

Agate Table Top

Our exquisite Agate Table Tops are a beautiful addition to any room!  We select eye-catching pieces of agate, skillfully arrange them, and then fuse them together, creating a spectacular piece! Agate is the banded form of Chalcedony, a micro-crystalline variety of Quartz. It forms in nodules, growing from the outer walls inward, creating beautiful translucent banding, many having a visible crystalline layer and/or center. Older Agates may appear opaque and less banded due to weathering and natural transformations within the minerals. 

The Agate Table Top is perfect for any modern living space. It features a beautiful stone surface that is both stylish and durable, making it the ideal choice for your dining room or office area. This table top made from natural agate provides an elegant and eye-catching look, as well as excellent heat resistance, no matter how you use it. With our range of sizes and shapes, this table top can easily be customized to fit your needs.

This unique tabletop features a polished finish showcasing the raw beauty of each stone, making it the perfect accent piece for style and sophistication. Easily transform your existing furniture into a one-of-a-kind showpiece with this stunning design.

Product Features

  • Natural agate stone creates an elegant look and feel. 
  • Durable surface resists scratches, chips, and stains. 
  • Heat resistant up to 500 F degrees. 
  • Quick and easy assembly with included hardware. 
  • Various sizes are available to fit any space requirements. 
  • Easy to clean with warm water and mild detergent.
  • Unique polished finish brings out the natural beauty.
  • Compatible with existing tables, countertops, and more for an easy transformation of decor. 
  • Stain resistant for easy maintenance. 
  • Perfect accent piece for any room or occasion.


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