Abalone Shell Table Top

Rs. 8,500.00
Abalone Shell Table Top

Abalone shells have many names: Haliotis Iris, Paua Shells, Nacre, Mother-of-Pearl, Aulon, and Sea ear to name a few. It is found in several distinct places and cultures around the world, which explains its many names, coming from several languages. Whatever you call it, there's no doubting its beauty. They are also fantastically individual - no two abalone shells are quite the same. It is an organic gemstone, the same category as amber and pearl.

The chakras linked to the shell of abalone are the third eye, the crown, and the heart. These are areas linked to intuition, that harmonize with the intuitive properties attached to the shell of the abalone.

The Abalone Shell Table Top provides a unique and stylish accent to any space. Made from real abalone shells, this table top is sure to draw attention and make for a beautiful conversation piece. It comes in a variety of sizes, and the natural coloration of the shells can range from dark grays to greens, blues, yellows, and purples. The classic iridescent shimmer makes it perfect for adding an artistic touch wherever you may need one.

Bring an ocean’s worth of natural elegance to your interior space with the Abalone shell table top. This unique and stunning piece is created from colorful oblong shells, carefully arranged in a circular mandala formation. With its glossy finish and calming iridescent colors, this piece elevates any room while creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Product Features:

  • Unique decorative table top made from Abalone Shells
  • Glossy finish with calming iridescent colors 
  • Carefully arranged in a circular Mandala formation 
  • Creates a truly inviting ocean oasis in any home decor 
  • Adds a luxurious touch of shimmer to brighten up any space 
  • Durable and scratch resistant materials ensure long lasting beauty 
  • Lightweight design that won’t compromise the stability of your furniture pieces 
  • Ideal addition to bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, etc.

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